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Our Mission

‘’Our mission is to create a South Africa where everyone feels free yet bounded to others; where everyone embraces their full potential, a country where opportunity is determined not by birth, but by ability, education and hard work.  Realizing such a society will require transformation of the economy and focused efforts to build the country’s capabilities.  To eliminate poverty and reduce inequality, the economy must grow faster and in ways that benefit all South Africans.’’

The mission of FREO Foundation is the pursuit of the following principles:

Commitment:  Linking small businesses and instil a sense of hope in the future.

Responsibility: The focus of FREO Foundation is to empower SMME’s in establishing goals and following through on their commitments.

Possibility: Unite SMME’s who want to expand their market share. Providing the platform to source and secure economic opportunities from Government.

Support: The support system provided to the SMME’S will be through training and education on skills which are required in the industry.

who we are

Our Values Are

  • Respect – We treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Stewardship – We honour our heritage by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible.
  • Ethics – We strive to meet the highest ethical standards
  • Learning – We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.
  • Innovation – We embrace continuous innovation, bold creativity and change.

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Who we are

The FREO Foundation is managed by an independent Board of Directors made up of professionals from the financial sector and senior officers that has vast expertise in running social organisations, social programs and managing businesses. Key experienced professionals in their respective fields will make up the board committees’ structure of the foundation eg: Chemical, Health & Safety, IT.  Other Professionals in various other sectors will be recruited into key managers positions.

John Doe


As Chairperson of the Board, assure that the Board of Trustees fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the Institution.

DM Panday

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer has general active management of the business of the corporation and when present, preside at meetings of the board and of the members; and see that orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect.

Tracey Beukes


The Secretary will foster communication and diligence through proper management and utilization of important records such as meeting minutes and the organization’s bylaws.

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